Welcome to Salina Virtual Innovation Academy (SVIA) where our motto is, “The world is our classroom.”  We are a   unique K-12 virtual public school within USD 305, serving Salina, Kansas and the surrounding communities.  Our   founding vision is based upon partnering with families to raise up students who will impact the world through   innovative thinking.  When most people think of virtual schools, they picture students sitting behind a computer   screen for most of the day.  Although we do expect students to put in the same amount of time and effort as in a   traditional school setting, screen time is only one part of our program.  In addition to the award-winning content providers, we have a team of Kansas certified local teachers who design instructional activities that bring learning to life.  From live virtual sessions to in-person and hands-on activities, our program capitalizes on the flexibility a virtual environment affords to create a rigorous yet relevant learning experience for our students.